Hishab is the world's first FULLY Voice based ERP solution for ANY Phone Currently Service is ONLY available to Invited Users

Hishab in Explain

Innovation has been an integral part of human existence for thousands of years. Innovation emerges out of necessity. Hishab is one such example.

Since 1955 our basic input system for computing was “Command Prompt”. In 1975, XEROX first introduced GUI or Graphical User Interface as the primary data input system. GUI has brought about a massive change in the way we interact with Personal computing today.

Apple was at the forefront to promote GUI around the world with their intuitive Macintosh product lines and iPhone. They have replaced the “Stylus” from computing devices by introducing “Finger tips”. Apple was the first company to have started using “Fingers” as stylus. This has reshaped the way we use computing devices in modern times.

However, using “Fingers” as the stylus still had a learning curve for the technologically less enthusiast people around the world and particularly among the people in the developing countries. Hishab is the first company in the world to have introduced a fully voice based data input system that works from ANY PHONE. Users are finally able to interact with their mobile phone with VOICE command!

Hishab introduces a Voice biometrics based patented technology that can receive and process voice data. Users can input voice data in any accent and in any way they want !

We have named this interface “VUI”- Voice User Interface. We are the PIONEER to adapt and promote VUI around the world.

We are here to the disrupt the market and bring innovation to the less privileged people around the world.

It's about making ideas happen

Spend less time in operations and more focusing on your product.

API Integration

Connect your our api’s to channel your data from Hishab to your application with Hishab’s voice input System

Easy to Customize

Customize your voice prompts and your data input queries by Hishab’s User console panel

Fully Documented

Hishab cares about User end flexibility. Every API integration and customization is properly Documented.

Hishab in elaboration

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We are a passionate team of designers, developers and marketing experts with headquarters in Melbourne.

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Yutaka Hirai

Atsushi Nagatoshi

Mika Furukawa

Munekazu Matsumura

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