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Working on the infrastructure of Hishab, you will be responsible for effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of system hardware, software and related infrastructure. You will create and maintain operational features and take care of security, availability and monitoring issues. You will do technical research and development to enable continuous innovation of the infrastructure.

What you will be doing
– Work on and improve a container based microservice infrastructure
– Install, setup, configure windows and linux servers on different data centers and cloud platforms
– Deploy multi stack applications and patches
– Assist developers in adhering to deployment and configuration workflows (https://12factor.net)
– Design and implement backup and recovery concepts for data protection & recovery, and failover procedures
– Monitor and manage system, network and infrastructure activities and performance
– Securing the system by developing system access policies and firewalls
– Deploy principles of Continuous Delivery (Versioning, Test-Driven Development, Code Quality Gates/Linting, Continuous Integration) on AWS
– Automate repetitive operational tasks
– When needed, prepare technical documentation for operators, partners, developers
– Take an active part in architecture decisions and complex development tasks

– Successful completed studies in computer science or comparable subject
– Proven working experience (at least 5 years) in a related context
– Strong communication skills and problem solving attitude
– Practical experience in network, database and infrastructure security management
– Practical experience in setting up scaling/load balancing features and/or highly responsive systems
– Experience in DevOps methodologies: Continuous Integration, Test-Driven Development, Build/Deploy automation technologies, Code Quality Assurance…
– Strong experience in Linux/Unix and Windows environments and scripting languages
– Fluency in english
– High responsibility and team-oriented work attitude
– Have a passion for technology

Good to Have
Knowledge in the following development technologies will be appreciated:
– Advanced infrastructure automation technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform, Openstack etc.
– SQL and No-SQL Database design and querying.
– Serverless Architectures / Microservices
– Back-end software development with Python and Java
– NLU & Machine Learning APIs (TensorFlow, scikit-learn, Rasa)
– Experience in banking environments
– Experience in Agile/Scrum project methodologies

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