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Nowadays IOT devices and smart home system are getting common among the people. Yes, it is very convenient solution, but it requires IT literacy for users because the user needs to use mobile APP to operate IOT device.
With Hishab, IOT devices can be controlled just by dialing and voice command. So low IT literate people such as silver generation can operate seamlessly.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home also provide the similar solution to control IOT devices by voice, but since the users needs to talk to their device which is located in a specific place, it doesn’t allow user to operate from anywhere such as outside of home. Hishab has an advantage on it, the user can control IOT devices literally from anywhere.


  1. Voice Based Data Input System
  2. Voice Based AI Driven Credit Scoring System
  3. AI driven call center connectivity
  4. Voice Based Dialog Engine For E-Commerce
  5. Control IOT Device By Voice
  6. Data analytics/Business intelligence service
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