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Hishab AI and dialog engine can perform as a sales person for any e-commerce website. No more struggling in front of PC to keep searching what you want to buy, you can just tell Hishab AI what you want, then Hishab will find it from the respective e-commerce shop. Don’t know which product you would like to buy exactly? Don’t worry, Hishab knowledge base will suggest some recommendation based on your personal preference.

Hishab even could connect to your owning device such as PC or smartphone, upon the your approval. It makes your shopping experience even more fantastic because hishab can show the product photo while you do shopping.


  1. Voice Based Data Input System
  2. Voice Based AI Driven Credit Scoring System
  3. AI driven call center connectivity
  4. Voice Based Dialog Engine For E-Commerce
  5. Control IOT Device By Voice
  6. Data analytics/Business intelligence service
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