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On the International Mother Language Day of 21st February 2021, Zubair Ahmed,CEO of Hishab, and Mohammad Fayadan Hossain, COO of Hishab, paid tribute with Yusuke Kato of Muktijodha at the Shaheed Minar.

It is a small effort to start this day by laying wreaths at the Shaheed Minar to show the love and homage we cherish in our heart for the language martyrs. We want the whole world to show respect to those who have sacrificed their lives for making Bangla the state language.

Here is the media coverage by SOMOY TV:

What is International Mother Language Day?

International Mother Language Day is a historical day of Bangladesh, where people sacrificed their lives for their mother tongue in 1952. That day police opened fire on rallies. Then several people were martyred who fought for our language. For that on 17th November,1999 was declared this day as a International Mother Language day by UNESCO.

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