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On 3rd December 2020 Hishab Ltd won the heavy-weight of the online pitch battle event “GET IN THE RING -AI edition-” held by Osaka Innovation hub.

Whole event is now available here


It is a 1- on-1 pitch battle between 2 start-ups. There are 5 rounds, ending in a Q&A and then the final vote for the winner chosen by the judges of Osaka Innovation Hub.

The event is started off by a quick intro (1min), and 5rounds (30sec) which are: Team, Achievements, Business Model & Market, Financials & Proposition, and Freestyle.

Hishab Ltd. was a part of the Blue Corner and Represented by Zubair Ahmed, the company’s founder and CEO. The Blue Corner battled against the Red Corner represented by Osaro Inc and spoken for by Ryan Tanaka.

The Opening Pitch:

Zubair Ahmed opened the pitch by explaining that Digital literacy is still very high in number of countries around the world and not everybody has access to modern technology. Hence, Hishab’s voice activated technology enables everybody an easy access to the understanding of their income and revenue streams. Which Indicates Hishab’s Mission Statement of building a Software which adapts to Humans instead of Humans Adapting to the Software.

The pitch was followed by a brief of Hishab’s Team of 50 employees from 12 different countries including 60+ post doctor researchers all working from a remote working environment.

As for achievements, Hishab records around US $570 million retail transactions a year and 70 patents and 27 countries granted and serve 1.2 million users as well as 8million banking users who also use the system.

The Business Model and Market for Hishab is grounded by Japanese biggest electricity supply company who use our services in their call center solutions, and their agents also use our Telephony facilities. Moreover, the system is used by 8 major banks in Bangladesh as well as Standard Chartered bank which consume Hishab’s service for voice banking along with our 1.2 million retail who use Hishab’s services.

Furthermore, Hishab’s objective and Intent is to partner with technology giants worldwide and license Hishab’s patents to expand globally and launch in other countries.

The Freestyle Pitch:

Zubair Ahmed later conducted a freestyle pitch which explained that in 2018 google duplex launched in a developer forum but we had a 17 pages patent drafted up by then. However, they did not launch in the same market. Furthermore, Hishab is indefinitely the de facto platform in this category and one of our biggest strength is that 70% of the company is still owned by the founders. Also, we have raised funds by the British Government as well as the Japanese Government.

This was the winning material for Hishab’s pitch as it explained to the judges how unique and Futuristic Hishab’s services were and the convenience it provides is like non other in terms of our competitors. In addition, Hishab’s revenue stream analytics and plan were a factor that wowed the judges.

From the Eyes of the Judges:

The Judges later congratulated Hishab on their Win and stated the sheer brilliance and success in the Bangladesh market along with the intellectual property portfolio that is being backed up in a global scale. Further adding that Hishab’s clear vision is being articulated in every aspect of the business which was one their winning features.

In addition to this, Hishab’s services and product is relevant in every market globally and is a consumer-based solution for all. Despite of age and access to the internet or additional technology for which it indeed makes Hishab’s objectives a bold vision.

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