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Mio Ahmed, Chief of Strategy Officer of Hishab, has presented how Hishab’s solution can be used in Japanese market at Aichi Start up festival 2021.And we honorably won Aichi Award.

Hishab has been aiming at the emerging company where there are many low-IT literate, illiterate people without owning smartphone.However, the fact is, in the developed country such as Japan, there are also many people, especially aged people, who have difficulty to use software.Our Voice User Interface solution will ease those people’s life in the developed countries.

Here is the news published by Aichi Prefecture Government.

(In Japanese)…/nus-startup-fes-award.html…

If any companies based in Japan is interested in the collaboration with our solution, please contact here;

Aboud Aichi startup festival 2021:

Aichi startup festival is the online event where Japanese domestic or foreign startups present their business idea. This festival is organized by Aichi prefecture of Japan, National University of Singapore, and ICMG.

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