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On 22nd November, Hishab and Bank Asia have signed on the agreement for Hishab’s voice banking service.

Bank Asia is the first bank in Bangladesh to adapt “Voice Technology” as a means of user interface for its client. All the users of Bank Asia will be able to use “Voice” for their desired banking ranging from “Voice Based Payment” to “Account Report Generation” to “Debit / Credit Card pin change” to “Voice Based KYC” and many other services without the need of internet, smartphone application and most importantly, learning of the use of technology.

Any user can just dial the bank’s short code number from any phone, feature phone or smart phone and speak in their natural language (Bangla along with dialects) to Hishab’s “Conversational Engine”. Hishab is the World Leader in Telephony Artificial Neural Network, in other words, Coversational IVR. Hishab holds critical 5th generation Intellectual Property around the globe on its innovation from any phone without the need of internet and exports its technology to Japan, India, Indonesia and African region for the democratization of software usage.

For instance, Jorina Begum, a Micro Entrepreneur, who does business without having much financial literacy and technological literacy. She could easily use Voice User Interface as a means to keep her business records and make payments via “Voice Payment” and through banks or MFS without even going to the agents. She could also avail other financial services along the way with the use of Hishab and its partnering financial institution.

Bank Asia is very keen on reaching out to its agent banking clients and retail banking clients with Voice User Interface as one of the most simplified way of banking and for financial inclusion as there’s no need to learn on using any sort of software, the software adopts to the users in the most effective form. This VUI will save 30% costs on client onboarding and terminating followed by 10% in branch banking, 52% in Call Center and many more.

In this event, Mr. Afran Ali, Managing Director, Bank Asia, Sardar Akhter Hamed, Deputy Managing Director, Bank Asia and other high officials were present along with Zubair Ahmed, Founder & CEO,  Hishab, Mohammad Fayadan Hossain, Co-Founder & COO, Hishab, Mio Ahmed, Co-Founder & CSO were present during the signing ceremony of the agreement.

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