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Voice Bridge Bangladesh Ltd. Subsidiary of Hishab, has successfully invested on I’Social.

What is I’Social – আই’সোশ্যোল?

iSocial is a social enterprise to connect bottom of the pyramid market, especially for women, children and adolescents with mainstream corporate and development sector. Three major businesses: Kallyani, DataSense and Next Mile.

Zubair Ahmed announced the investment on social platforms saying ‘’ We are proud to announce our investment in I’Social – আই’সোশ্যোলthrough our subsidiary voice bridge Bangladesh Ltd. And truly looking forward to working with Ananya Raihan vai, Tina F. Jabeen apu, Bipasha Sharmin Hossain and other distinguished members of the company.’’

About Voice Bridge Bangladesh Ltd?

Voice Bridge Bangladesh Ltd mainly focuses on VUI (voice user interface) for banking from any phone. Their solution does not require downloading any apps or software, Internet or even a smartphone. Users can just dial and make a financial transaction by speaking to an artificial neural network-based dialog engine that runs on telephony network.

What we aim at our collaboration?

The aim of the collaboration of Voice Bridge Bangladesh Ltd and I’Social are quiet strongly linked as their objectives are to work with rural communities. Voice Bridge Bangladesh Ltd covers the technological prospects of this project and I’Social works with the in-field aspects in the development of this collaboration.

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