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On 25th April 2022, Hishab Technologies Ltd.(Hishab) and CENTRE FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE (CCDA) have signed on the agreement for providing Hishab’s Voice User Interface (VUI) for micro financial institute (MFI) in CCDA’s Head Office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In this event, Md. Abdus Samad, Executive Director, CCDA, Deputy Executive Director, CCDA and other members were present along with Mohammad Fayadan Hossain, Co-founder and Head of Sales, Hishab, Mio Ahmed, Co-founder and Head of Business Development, Hishab and Mahboob Zaman, Chief Advisor, Hishab were present during the signing ceremony of the agreement.

CCDA, which works as a MFI, will launch Hishab solution throughout their business operation. They would also bridge the connection between borrowers and CCDA digitally through the VUI.

Hishab’s VUI shall act as a Conversational Engine and perform Natural Language processing which will convert the audio command of borrowers and institutional users into a format which the system of CCDA shall process.

From now their borrowers can connect to CCDA in real-time in getting their financial information from any phone (feature phone or smart phone) without the need of internet, smartphone applications, and most importantly, learning about the use of technology. Field officers can also input their field collection data into the ERP of CCDA on real time and enjoy 2 hours of daily time savings for both field officers and accountants.

Any users can access their financial information in real-time with the use of technology without any learning curve. The borrower’s reduction of the need to consult with Field Officers has been reduced for obtaining financial status of the borrowers as they can communicate with the system by themselves in speaking by their natural language (Bangla along with dialects) to Hishab’s “VUI”.

Hishab is a world leader in telephony-based Conversational AI technology. Here, Hishab will launch real-time auditing to CCDA, so that, every transaction made in the field can be audited in real-time through the VUI and finally the borrowers will be able to pay their installments through “Voice Pay”.

What is CCDA?

Centre for Community Development Assistance (CCDA), a pro-poor, non-political and non-profit development organization, and micro finance institute was established in 1990 at a remote Bangladesh village named Adampur at eliotgonj south uinion under Daudkndi Upazila (sub-district) of Comilla district.

About Hishab:

Hishab is a world leader in telephony based Conversational AI technology. Hishab holds over 20 patents in over 27 countries across the world. Hishab’s team is represented by people from 10 different countries across Europe and Asia. German and Norwegian Engineering meets with Japanese and Bangladeshi leadership to bring the world’s MOST innovative solution for digitalization of the mass across the world.

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