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On 3rd & 4th July 2023, the Startup20 Shikhar Summit, organized by the Startup20 Engagement Group under the India G20 Presidency, commenced in Gurugram, marking a significant achievement for the global startup ecosystem & fostering innovation.

As from Bangladesh, startup Bangladesh nominated Mohammad Fayadan Hossain, Managing Director of Hishab Technologies Ltd. to join the event and also be a delegate of Bangladesh to the summit in the segments of Startup.This was one of the biggest bilateral event of the year. As per the host nation, India could invite its neighboring countries to join in the summit hosted for different industries.

The conference exemplifies the enormous potential of entrepreneurs to spur economic growth and positive social change. The event seeks to maximize the potential of startups by fostering an atmosphere that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, hence accelerating economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development.

Mohammad Fayadan Hossain expressed his enthusiasm by saying, “It was an honor to represent Bangladesh as a delegate to the G20 India for the Startup20 event in India.
I’m delighted to be recognized and humbled to witness people, ideas and energy that came together to scale the startup industry to the next level. As the G20 nations prepare to work towards a $1 trillion investment into the startup ecosystem by 2030, we need to ensure we are progressing towards socially, financially and digitally inclusive solutions.”

In this event, Dr. Chintan Vaishnav, Chair of Startup20, officially handed over the torch to Brazil, as the country has G20 presidency for the next year and has committed to continue the Startup20 initiative in 2024.

What is G20?
The G20 or Group of 20 is an intergovernmental forum comprising 19 countries and the European Union. It works to address major issues related to the global economy, such as international financial stability, climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

What is Startup20-Shikhar?
The Startup20 Shikhar Summit signifies India’s commitment to fostering an enabling environment for startups and reinforcing its position as a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

About Hishab:
Hishab is a world leader in telephony based Conversational AI technology. Hishab holds over 20 patents in over 27 countries across the world. Hishab’s team is represented by people from 10 different countries across Europe and Asia. Bangladeshi Engineering meets with Japanese and Indian leadership to bring the world’s MOST innovative solution for digitalization of the mass across the world.

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