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On 19th March 2023, Hishab Technologies Limited was invited to celebrate “International Women’s Day for 2023”. This seminar was organised by Japan-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JBCCI) & Japanese Commerce & Industry Association in Dhaka (JCIAD) to be held at Hotel Sarina, Plot #27, House #17, Banani C/A, Dhaka-1213. There the theme was “Creating & Embracing Equity in Workplace”.

The seminar began with a speech by Mr. Hikari Kawal, President of JBCCI. After that, Mr. Matiur Rahman, Past President & Adviser of JBCCI and Myung-Ho Lee, President of JCIAD delivered their speeches in the summit. At the end of the seminar Mr. Tetsuro Kano, Vice President of JBCCI, gave his valuable speech.
In this programme, Mr. Tatsuya Machida, Japanese Minister was speaking as a chief guest.

The discussion was held in two panels. They are:

Panel 1: Discussion about “Smart Bangladesh – Opportunities & Challenges in Business”.
There, the moderator was Ms. Maria Howlader FCA, Director of JBCCI, Founder & CEO of Howlader Maria & Co. (HmAC) with five panelists including Mr. Zubair Ahmed, Founder & CEO of Hishab Technologies Ltd. He advised that in modern times it is easy to assimilate women through chatGPT.

Panel 2: Discussion about “Creating & Embracing Equity in Workplace.”
There, the moderator was Ms. Saori Fujimoto, Director of JBCCI with five panelists. Some questions asked were-
How a safe working environment for women can be created.
Workplace diversity in the legal system.
What roles female managers can play to ensure diversity in the office,
What kind of difficulties women face in the rural areas in Bangladesh.

After the speeches were over, there was a crest giving ceremony for all the guests & the panelists.

Source : Tareq Rafi Bhuiyan Jun

What is JBCCI & JCAID?
JBCCI is an association for Japan & Bangladesh business development. It is committed to serve the business community of Japan and Bangladesh at every step of promoting trade and investment for economic prosperity.
JCAID is a non-profit organisation. It was estublished in 1972 in Dhaka with 12 members as a business promotion company. Now, the number of members is 123.

About Hishab:
Hishab is a world leader in telephony-based Conversational AI technology. Hishab holds over 30 Patents (approved) and 24 Patents (under processing) in over 26 countries across the world. Hishab’s team is represented by people from 8 different countries across Europe and Asia. German and Norwegian Engineering meets with Japanese and Bangladeshi leadership to bring the world’s MOST innovative solution for the digitalization of the mass across the world.

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